Who am I?

So, I suppose you are here for the short version of my identity. Sure thing, I can do that. My studies indicate that I am an engineer, with additional studies of seven years in the English language, plus a six year worth of music school. The latter one was actually three years, but I was able to cover double the ground. Yes, I used to play the keyboard. Nowadays, it’s just a different keyboard.

I turned my hobby into a profession and later a career, building experience in support broadcasting, live coverage of elections with real-time back-end custom programming & front-end graphical display of results. I moved on with flying logos for TV, then multimedia over large B2B presentations (build and on-site implementation and support), including coverage for the International Day of Democracy. Through a bridge time of internet programming and conducting seminars for businessmen on computer science application in everyday life. In short, I would train corporate employees and turn them into adept computer users within a month.


After that point, I engaged deeper in the post production, with TV spots, documentaries and the full digital production of real-time VR and Dome Theater content. From CG artist, I advanced to hands-on lead and department management, attaining 5 Hermes media production awards, actively helping my company reach the level of Production Company of the Year, twice. Thus far I have built the infrastructure for 4 different corporate facilities on post and visual effects & worked on projects that have been broadcast in over 50 countries worldwide. While in post, I started taking lessons in screenwriting, which helped me turn my initial handwritten manuscript of 72 pages (January 1993) into a full-blown franchise, bearing a 17-year mark worth of research into sciences, ancient civilizations and mythology (yes, I studied ancient literature for 6 years).

redcarpettorontoSince 2014, I’ve advanced my previous leadership role toward the production field in the attempt to bring not only the giant franchise of Mortal Guard to life, but also help other aspiring creators understand and plan their own projects as well. Having an extensive experience in BTL & ABL advertising, plus working alongside veteran communications specialists has taught me invaluable lessons in marketing and promotion, especially through direct communication and presentation. Knowledge I am transitioning toward the online world.

Outside my work, if there is such a thing, I am a philosopher and a tech geek. Always exploring and looking for the best ways to get results at optimal speed. I went back to work, didn’t I? Well, truly beyond it, the explorer spirit remains with me in the terms of culture and personality understanding. My passion for philosophy is matched only by my love for psychology and my desire to solve problems and create things that can help people through the understanding of deeper meanings. When growing up, I was offered values that revolve around ethos, such as justice, integrity, loyalty and honor. These are something I wish to pass on through my life and my work. Having survived several tragedies in life, I wish such fate upon nobody.

Humanity is here to evolve, not to de-evolve. So, despite my experience-loaded life, I believe I still know nothing. We grow forever learning.

Let us indulge!

Vassilis Kontodimas
Producer – CEO
Epagon Pictures Inc.

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