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Social Media Rot

1995, this was the first time I dared venture the world of the world wide web. The new medium of global communication. I remember sitting behind a text-only SUN terminal in the lab of the electrical engineering department of the National Technical University of Athens, emailing back and forth people about life abroad. Those were fascinating years. Since then, technology has come far. But not exactly toward the desired direction.

Our year is 2019. The Internet has come too far, but the morals that surround it have all but fallen into the abyss. Governments in the European Union have been desperately trying to maintain privacy settings with their new law that went in effect on May of 2018. Protection layers have been raised by independent organization, not to mention individual and non-profit teams. However, there can be no protection against a mentality that decades of social decline have generated.

Behind the fronts of green energy, new opportunities and spiritual ascension; lies a deep rot that is eating humanity from within.

After a decent distance from the social media, I was forced to create and delete my account twice within the past 6 months from the authoring of this article. The reason? The blatancy, and the complete disrespect for one’s privacy and choices. Not by organizations, but by actual individuals. What we once used to accuse governments of, we have become ourselves.

I am a man, and I have reached the point that I have to defend myself within the social media from disrespectful attacks by women. Yes, you read right. Though women suffer the brunt of the assaults by males, who only carry the title of “man” as a meaningless decoration, what few gentlemen are left out there, have become a dying breed.

Men and women tend to completely disrespect other women’s and men’s relationships, for the sake of the hookup culture’s lust.

Women from eastern countries, seeking a visa entry to the EU; others seeking indentured service to raise money for their businesses; some with severe mental issues who seek salvation in the arms of an already taken man, instead of working on themselves; those who refuse to back down and harass a committed man, in order to give in to their own appetites; or even the ones who send sex videos to men already in strong relationships. All of this, has me appalled.

I find myself standing out there, gazing at where the world is going, and I am shaking my head. Yes, we have motivational speakers. Yes we have inspiration. But what about our core? What about values? What about morals? What about the strength of psyche? What about idealism? What about altruism? What about… humanity?

On one side, we have motivational speakers speak of the Ego. On the other, spiritualists speak of the We. Never before have we encountered such a division of information overload, with a hookup culture right in the middle. Facebook is packed with unsolicited transmission of inappropriate pictures or videos, while others express extreme tendencies hidden behind “anonymity”.

It has been three months since I extended my circle beyond my EU region. The results are… discouraging. As such, I decided to remove myself from the online social world of Facebook. At least for the time being, the duration of which is currently undefined.

The day males stop harassing women with “dick picks” or other vulgar ways of communication; the day that damaged females stop trying to brutally pry men out of their love relationships; the day that both sexes (or their derivatives) begin to show mutual respect; the day we cease hiding behind anonymity to exert our deepest vengeful tendencies… then perhaps that is the day we can draw the first line of the word “HOPE”.

There is no more use hiding. What I saw… is most discouraging.

Are we lost? Beyond hope? Or can something be done to conquer technology before it devours our free will?

We need to change; and as my former coworkers used to say: we need to change yesterday. Our planet is dying, but before it does, we might as well die buried deep in our own rot.

When I first started my journey, I never thought I would encounter this level of decline. If we fail to act now, there is no telling if there will be another chance.

We have to try! For we did not inherit this world from our forefathers, we borrowed it from our children! Not only must we deliver a better world for them, but we must also deliver better children for our world.

Think this through.


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