Finding your strength

Either we admit it or not, we’ve all been there or will be there at some point in our lives. That pit, where we feel helpless, desperate, or even depressed. This goes especially for the ones with a nagging instinct. One that points them to a specific direction in life. If you have that, then know it’s a mission, a calling… your call.

A known saying goes like “the road to heaven goes through hell.”

But why? Why do we have to go through all this trouble? Let me tell you a story about two people.

The first is about a young boy. He grows in beautiful suburban environment, with a family that provides all the goodies he ever wanted, never receiving “no” for an answer. As the years pass, that young boy gets the education and the career he likes, without as much as a single hardship. He is always protected, cherished, and offered a top management position.


The second is about another young boy. He grows up in a less than ideal environment, where his father is mostly absent, and his mother works nearly all day long. Limitations are the rule of the day. As he grows up, he tries an education that doesn’t work for him, and neither do the jobs he takes. During adulthood, he faces tragedies, failure and heartbreaks. While next to his breaking point, he discovers what he really wants to do in life, and pulls the strength to do it.

Now, think to yourself. If you were to work for or with one of these two people, who would you choose?

In my case, here’s what I would think.

The first boy has grown to become an entitled man who doesn’t take challenges, and is used to having everything go his way. It would be unlikely that he could understand me, or be much willing to listen to my input.

The second boy has known adversity and has overcome it. This means that he knows the troubles of life and can relate well to others. It is much more likely he will listen to input, because he always sought for answers to his own shortcomings.

The first guy will expect everything from you. The second guy will back you up when you need it.

I’d definitely work with the second one.


If you are reading this, you are that second boy (or girl).

When you fall down in life, it is to build your strength, your character. Through understanding your own self, you begin to understand others. Of course, there will be scars involved, and it is up to you to overcome them. However, when you understand others, they will understand you – at least a few of them. Thus, once you exit that dark pit, which you will, the man you look in the mirror everyday, is going to be one you will be truly proud of. You survived, you evolved into something that first boy will never come to be.

Picture that end goal. That mission you know you are built for, and life will put you through the hardships necessary enough for you to not only achieve it, but to excel at it.

So, go for it!

As a note, both stories above are real. They are people that I have actually encountered as grownups.


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