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Mortal Guard – What is it?

Over 17 years worth of research and development, through studying ancient civilizations, science, philosophy and the psychology of humanity, ever since its first inception on January of 1993, it has evolved into something massive that has awed and scared people. Heraclitus said, "From all things one, and from one, all things." This is the philosophy that Mortal Guard revolves around.


Concept art of a character of utmost importance. The beginnings offer a glimpse reference to her, as someone who has endured “Eternae”. However, her course is very obscure.

I know the very first thing you will say is “great, another science fiction story, why should I care?” The answer is simple. For over a decade and a half, we’ve researched as much as we could from humanity’s ancient past, lost civilizations, accumulated their common ground elements, and weaved them all in a story of how humanity could have been if not for the historical mistakes of the past. The reason that Mortal Guard is science fiction, is simply because – as a species – we would have been far more advanced than we currently are. It is a window through which you will be able to see and experience these differences and the ways of how we can catch up.

A new “Strings Theory” in the form of Cosmogony. Within the course of Mortal Guard, higher concepts and hypotheses are laid down.

Through the course of the story, there is another element, which I believe everyone deep down seeks, one way or another. That’s about who we are, what’s our purpose, but above all, what is our true nature and where our limitations are – if any. The last two words being the operative ones. We, as humans, are also spiritual beings, and what Mortal Guard is building, is bridging the gaps between various belief systems throughout the millennia. Essentially, we are all looking in the same direction, no matter how we choose to call it. You see, nobody is wrong. People simply take the path that feels more at home, and that is great. This is what we are working on. It is an attempt to shed some light on that common destination or at least parts of it, as it was described, recorded and/or believed to be so by eras that preceded ours.

Mortal Guard - Lab
If there is one thing Mortal Guard is doing, is pushing the limits of what science can fully explain today.

Mortal Guard breaks the barriers of universes, touches and explores the nature of the human soul, connects it to the fabric of the cosmos and seeks to unravel its deepest potential.

Above is the entry story of the Mortal Guard multiverse. The Archon.

Now, I wouldn’t want to dive into the more detailed aspects of how we function as beings or the densities of matter that define what we can and cannot see through the deflection of photons (commonly known as light) or how the simplest of things, like movement of the muscles, is done by a form of energy we cannot see (which is electrical discharges).

Many believe we carry a soul, which goes on a certain journey to different destinations. Others believe that after death, we are simply gone and our energy vanishes. Now imagine a big “what if”. What if we could actually connect to that soul or energy on the conscious level. Expand on what most define as instinct. What if we could understand elements of our life that we today accept as “just is”?

I know all of that sounds rather complicated, and this is something Mortal Guard simplifies through showing, not telling. It takes our base perceptions and expands them to a grand image. It does that through a story of action, suspense, deep emotions, romance, tragedies, science, in a strong attempt to decipher the unknown. I say attempt because everything is a matter of perspective. Everyone is most definitely unique, yet we are all part of the same cosmos and eventually, the sight of every person converges in the same direction: Who am I? What am I? What am I capable of, beyond the obvious and the mundane? The possibilities might scare you, or they just as well might awe you.

Concept art of yet another key character.

Mortal Guard is not about cyber-tech, or robots, or humans versus aliens, or big battles of spaceships. It is a powerful journey of discovery of our fundamental place in the universe, far more than the visible; and how the seemingly most powerless underdog has the capacity to stand up against the impossible. It is the story of ordinary people, who can reach unimaginable heights. No super-powers or cyborg stuff. By becoming the best by simply tapping into their own selves. That’s where everything lays dormant.

Aren’t you just a tad bit curious?


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